Adult Bhajan Practice


Points to be remember for practicing bhajans:

1. Please select the bhajans that is within your range and ability to lead a bhajan ( if you don’t know your range please consult and follow the advice of teacher).

2. Make sure you do not select a complicated bhajan which has a classical background that might be very hard to lead and follow.

3. Make sure you bring a tape recorder so that you can tape the bhajan you would like to lead or the one you have learned during the practice session.

4. Practice breath control almost everyday.

5. Make sure you practice the bhajan that you would like to learn and the one you have learned during the bhajan.

6. Pease remember to bring your own book so that you can mark your pitch in the book.

7. Make sure you know the tempo of bhajan and the tempo of a bhajan is directly dependent on the feeling. Therefore sing the bhajan with bhava which is very critical and brings the best of yourself and the vibrations are maintained.